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The founders:
Patrik and Men

Meet the hospitality duo, Patrik and Men.
Rooted in Swiss excellence, they’re globetrotters bringing international zest to Chamanna.

Patrik, a Glion graduate with an analytical edge, blends financial insights with luxury hotel expertise. Men, a culinary expert drawing from his roots at Badrutt’s Palace and Les Roches hospitality school, infuses his international voyages into every corner.

Together, their collective journey manifests at Chamanna, promising a global experience with a personal touch.

Want to peek further behind the curtains?
Head over to the KUSCH website to discover their wider business perspective.

Get in touch!

Slope-side dining awaits.

Drop a line via phone, email, WhatsApp or Telegram to book your spot or inquire about events. We’re just a call or message away.

+41 79 810 88 81

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